Don’t Take This Vacation Advice From Twitter Exec

As December draws to a close, you may be looking forward to some time off from work to dine at your parents’ house or take a vacation ahead of the New Year.

Nathan Hubbard, the former Twitter executive, has other ideas for you. He says keep working to be 3.8% better than everyone else.

Popular rhetoric among some “influencers” and techies is: ALWAYS KEEP WORKING and kill competitors while they sleep (remember: sleep is for the weak) or, I guess, have fun with your family at the holidays. Do you want to take your child to a meeting with Santa Claus? Making fun of you and your lost productivity.

But if you are lucky enough to get a vacation at the end of the year, you can take that time and enjoy your vacation. Spend time with family and friends. You can still hurry up in the new year.

This is not to say that there are not certain things you can do to improve yourself if you have a little free time. You can work on your resume , tidy up your finances, or even learn to relax . Personally, I plan on baking a lot of cookies, reading half a dozen paperback books, and not checking Twitter.


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