How You Can Save a Few Hundred Dollars With a Screen Protector

It’s rare to buy something that will truly add value to your smartphone, but there is one item that offers more value per dollar than any insurance plan: screen protectors. A thin piece of plastic or glass can keep your iPhone X in fancy pants from falling over, causing it to shatter into countless pieces. What’s more, it can increase the resale value of your device by several hundred dollars.

Earn $ 200 Selling Your Phone

Not all screen protectors are created equal. To understand which one works best for you, examine the pros and cons of each type . Plastic screen protectors are thinner and more flexible, but offer less protection from serious drops. Glass screen protectors are thicker but can withstand slightly more wear than their plastic counterparts. Some have an oleophobic coating or are made of tougher toughened glass.

Of course, plastic screen protectors are cheaper, and you can expect to pay $ 2 to $ 10 for a pack of two or more. Glass protectors will cost you a little more, ranging from $ 5 to $ 35 depending on which type you prefer. The more expensive it is, the more likely it is to have features such as increased impact resistance or oil resistant coating. The investment will pay off in the long run, so you can go for broke and get a quality one.

As time goes on, eventually you will have to (or want to) get rid of your smartphone. You can of course sell it, but the resale value of phones depends a lot on their condition. As you might guess, phones with a perfect scratch-free screen can make you more money than phones with scratches and deep cuts. , or broken glass. But how much more money?

To see how a broken screen can affect your smartphone’s resale value, I used Gazelle smartphone resale site and learned about the iPhone 7 reselling. In perfect condition, Gazelle offers $ 340. Not the biggest bucks, but enough to ease the pain of buying an iPhone X. In good condition, you get $ 305. But if your phone has a cracked screen, that $ 305 drops to $ 120. That $ 200 difference is essentially a list of 200 reasons why you should equip your phone with something like a screen protector. Wouldn’t you rather pay $ 10 now to earn $ 200 later?


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