How to Use Imgur Snacks, a New Storytelling-Style App Feature

Snapchat may have invented the story format, but it didn’t take the rest of the internet long to steal the idea . Now even Imgur, a meme paradise originally created as an image hosting service for Reddit, offers its own take on stories with a new feature called Snacks .

Imgur is not a social media app like Snapchat or Instagram, so Snacks is not an exact copy of Stories. Instead, it borrows a few design ideas (full screen preview and autoplay) to offer a carefully curated stream of GIFs designed to “highlight new themes” on a daily basis. TechCrunch notes that it looks more like Vine than Instagram or Snapchat, although it still comes from the broader Imgur community and not just your friends.

To access Imgur Snacks, simply open the Search & Explore tab by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. You should see the new feature at the top of this page. Then just click on one of the highlighted images to navigate to it.

The snacks are included in Imgur version 6.0, which is currently available for iOS but has not yet hit Android . The update also adds a new Feed feature that allows you to follow specific people and topics. You can find your channel on the main Imgur tab at the top, next to the Most Viral tab. From there, Imgur will suggest new accounts and a tracking tag, and will also let you scroll through a vertical list of photos and GIFs.


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