How to Cycle in the City With a Bike Snob

This week we will touch on the topic of urban cycling. Our guests include Eben Weiss, author of The Best Guide for Bike Owners: The Ultimate Guide to Bicycles, Horse Riding & More for Beginners and Experienced Cyclists ; Rosemary Bolich, Director of Community Outreach, We Bike NYC ; and Doug Gordon, better known as Brooklyn Spoke, TV producer and active cycling advocate. We learn that some people have helmets against mandatory laws, how cities can make their streets safer for cyclists, and why it’s not worth arguing with a motorist (but it’s worth quietly hating them).

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Discussed in this episode:

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Every week we want to tell you about the improvements we have made to our lives. This week we talked about upgrading your rental car , tracking bike performance, and dealing with a cocky teenager .

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