Meet Our New Personal Finance Writer

Hi everyone, I’m Alicia Adamchik (damn it), the new personal finance writer at Lifehacker. I previously wrote for Money Magazine , covering everything from healthcare to taxes to spinners, and also briefly worked at Forbes , writing about billionaires and their superyachts.

When I’m not thinking about money, I enjoy running, trying to cook, reading fiction, and getting hung up on Riverdale (Cole Sprouse … hello).

I have a few story ideas, but I’d love to hear your burning questions about personal finance. Do you want to know what happened to the CFPB? How to save enough to really retire one day? What stocks should you invest in to quickly become a billionaire and benefit from the new GOP tax law (jk, I’m not allowed to advise you on this)? Leave them in the comments below, email me at or tweet me @AliciaAdamczyk .


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