Win This Game Without Ever Hearing “Last Christmas” Wham

I spent an hour today playing a game called Whamageddon . Which is tragic, because the game lasts almost a month. The rules are simple: Between December 1st and December 24th, do not listen to Die Hard Christmas, a song that is not really a Christmas song, but still plays on every CVS sound system throughout December:“Last Christmas” Wham. (If you are playing, do not click on this link.)

Yesterday, just an hour after my editor told me about the game, “Last Christmas” rolled over the office stereo. And on the same day, just in case I wanted to name the first one, the song started playing again. Christmas: spoiled.

But you can play! In fact, you are already playing, whether you like it or not, as a festive version of the Game . So double-check your Spotify playlists, put on your headphones next time you go shopping, and don’t be the character of a holiday-themed romantic comedy. (Covers don’t count, so go crazy with them .)

And when you inevitably hear the song and lose it, you can empathize with the other losers on Whamageddon’s Facebook page .

Whamageddon | Official site


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