Gifts for the Person Who Is Bored With Training

Exercise doesn’t have to be exciting; ask anyone who is struggling to exercise at 6am every day. But even if someone is happy with a boring routine, this does not mean that they will enjoy unrolling a shiny gift box that contains (yawns) another pair of weights. So try these gifts instead.

Moxi Inline Skates

What could be more fun than roller skating? This is a rhetorical question. No. Your lucky recipient might take these fancy wheels to the rink (yes, they still exist) for a fun and possibly embarrassing evening, but that’s just the beginning. Show themthis video of Moxi founder Michelle Steilen whirling through city streets doing handstands on skate park ramps, and before you know it, they’ll have new fitness and life goals.

Custom Jump Rope Kit

Ropes: Very fun too. This set allows you or your special someone to play with an old-school style beaded skipping rope, but this one is not all frayed and sun-faded in a thousand periods of indentations. Choose up to three bead colors (plus optional soft handles of your choice) and enjoy a little creative project before you jump.

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Online coaching MovNat

Not sure how to develop strength for these impressive roller skating tricks? Get a personal trainer who will develop a personalized program for you. MovNat offers online coaching including video chats with your coach. But the coolest thing they do is give feedback on your form. You set up your device to video your workouts and they can show you exactly what you need to fix. This gift, worth $ 279 in the first month and $ 179 in the next two months of your 3-month commitment, is for a very special person. But they’re worth it, right?

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FitDeck Workout Cards

If you can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on online coaching, stocking might be better for you. In this deck, each card has an exercise idea with detailed instructions for doing it. Shuffle the deck, set an interval timer, and draw a new card every time it beeps, and boom! This is an unprecedented workout just for you.

Pound ripsticks

Ready for your dance break? Do you want to dance whipping everything around with a couple of clubs? Of course you do! Try a couple of Pound Ripstix. Ideally, you would give them a voucher forgroup classes because they look intense . The DVD set sounds almost as good.

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Flaming hoop

We left this gift for last, not only because it is the most exciting gift in our guide ( very narrowly bypasses velvet roller skates), but also because you have to think long and hard about it. Is this special person really ready to handle a large flammable object? Will they find a fire juggling organization to help them practice with proper precautions ? We trust you, reader. If this special person is truly special enough to handle a flaming hoop, then you should treasure this person. And you should definitely give them a flaming hoop.

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