Gifts for a New Parent Who Needs a Little Self-Care

When raising a tiny person, it’s easy to neglect taking care of yourself. Give new mums and dads something that will help them recharge their batteries for the long days (and nights) before diapers, tantrums and Kayu .

Babies are holes: it’s not your fault

Bunmi Laditan’s hilarious guidance may be exactly what parents need to get through the valley of absurdity known as childhood. They will laugh (and possibly sob) as they sit with their glass of wine at 1 am, leafing through the pages to find nuggets of wisdom in everything from pull-ups (“diaper gap”) to bathtub mountains. toys (“By the time you shower, it’s like a dollar store cleanup”). Welcome to the club.

Weighted Blanket

As you may have heard, young parents are very tired. While you can’t give them more sleep (there’s a tiny person they should aim for), you can help make their precious Zzzzs calmer with a weighted blanket. The InYard blanket uses a deep touch that has been scientifically proven to relax the nervous system and stimulate the release of the “happiness hormone” serotonin. It all feels like a warm warm hug. Well, friend. There there.

Kindle Oasis e-reader

The first waterproof Kindle will enable the most determined new mums and dads to complete the murder mystery (or, more likely, How To Stop Crying, Volume One) with a device that can withstand leaks, spills and parenting riots. It’s designed for one-handed reading, and the display brightness automatically adjusts to dimly lit rooms – perfect for all those midnight feeds.

Korean leaf masks

Sheet masks can revive a tired face a little, and with prolonged use can help lift skin to new subtle levels. The ones from Dermal Korea are affordable – with a combo pack of 24 masks, you can compose an entire mask appearance calendar from a sheet mask – and they are infused with soothing ingredients like aloe, pearl powder and purslane herb. Young parents may have long days, but their skin may look radiant.

Midnight Feeding Box for New Parents

In the first days of new parents’ births, having the right meals seems like a distant memory. During the day, you eat what you can grab by bouncing the baby up and down, and then, when your bundle finally falls asleep, you have fun. Give your parents some great food. Deliverable anywhere in America, Zingerman’s Midnight Feeding New Baby Box contains an assortment of dishes to open and eat, including sour cream coffee cake, borsellino salami, and a cheddar block.

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UrbanSitter Childcare Gift Card

If you have a friend who can spend an evening without poop color analysis and Daddy Finger videos, gift UrbanSitter, a service that allows him to order a nanny on demand. Parents trust him because he finds caregivers based on recommendations from parents they connect with through the school, local mom and dad groups, or Facebook. So your gift can be calm when it flies out the door.

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Living Proof Dry Shampoo

For those days when you don’t have time to thoroughly lather, rinse and repeat, there is dry shampoo, and none of them are as popular as Living Proof products. When the mist touches the hair, the patented OFPMA molecule creates weightless, invisible protection around each strand. It is very effective at absorbing oil, sweat and vague bad odors, especially when time is a luxury.

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