Lifehacker Hires Video Producers

Do you have a strong opinion on how to properly do what you really want to share with the world? Do you love to understand the details of everything from how to zip up to the intricacies of modern etiquette? Are you MacGyver from your group of friends? Are you also a smart, energetic, detail-oriented video producer whose idea for a good time is to film the battle royale between humidifier and dehumidifier ? Then we want to talk to you.

Lifehacker has three positions for Senior Producer , Producer and Associate Producer . It’s an ongoing job with competitive wages and good benefits from parent company Gizmodo Media in New York, where you come up with story ideas, write scripts, go on adventures, shoot and produce stunning videos for our global audience of over 24 million. …

We’re looking for producers with the right expertise who are as obsessed as we are with everything from finding shortcuts in the latest iOS to epic culinary experiments (can you imagine a pig’s head ?).

Basically, if your brain is always looking for the “how” and “why” of a given situation – and you know how to turn that into a compelling video – this could be your lucky day.

Click on the links above to apply. In addition to these video producer positions, we also hire a senior technical editor and are always looking for new contributors. If you’re a writer and have an awesome tip, shortcut, or hacker that we haven’t covered, feel free to let us know about presentations on lifehacker dot com and we’ll take a look at them.


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