What Should We Do Next?

Hello sous-vide friends, and welcome back to yet another exciting session ofWill It Sous Vide? , the column where I do whatever you want with my immersion circulator.

Now that I don’t have a casserole , I’m ready to return to my first love. Here are just a few things I would love to see next time:

  • Pate: or some kind of pate. I love both of them. I also really love chicken liver mousse.
  • Some kind of liquor : Maybe limoncello? Or is it better to do something more herbal?
  • Meatballs: Someone suggested this last time and I’m very upset.
  • Octopus: Because there is nothing sadder than an overcooked octopus, but there is nothing better than a properly cooked octopus.

As always, I am open to any creative and / or crazy suggestions you have. No more baking . I don’t want to break my heart again.


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