Replace News Notifications With Nuzzel

If you receive breaking news notifications on your phone, you often find that you disagree with CNN, The New York Times, or Apple about what constitutes news. Instead, you can enable the Nuzzel news aggregator app , which can notify you when a certain number of your Twitter friends link to the same URL, regardless of the source.

With Nuzzel for Android and iOS, you can specify how many friends (between three and 25) must submit a link before you receive a notification. You can also set a daily high and receive a daily email digest. When you open the story, you will see that your friends tweeted about it. It’s like an aggregated comment section that doesn’t suck.

Nuzzel’s social approach works great when mainstream coverage misses out on important context, when news comes from an unusual source, or when daytime conversation revolves around something that isn’t considered “news” in traditional posts, such as a Facebook feud or an awkward article. Instead of “teaching” Google or Apple which stories to show you, you simply connect your Twitter account. If you follow people with similar values ​​and interests, you will have a ready-made news feed that you are really interested in.


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