Stop Wasting Money on Most Weekdays to Curb Impulsive Purchases

With a little planning ahead, most of the items you want to buy do n’t actually need to be bought the day you receive them. To block impulse purchases, reserve your spending for one designated weekday.

As personal finance site Mixed Up Money explains, the simple act of having structure can keep you from getting an Amazon-fueled storefront or eating out because you’re bored. The easiest way to do this is to spend money on only one of five business days. On Monday, you go grocery shopping, so you don’t have to buy food (read: eat out) until the end of the week. If you want to buy something, wait until Monday to give yourself time to decide if you really want it. Or you can choose the most convenient day for you:

This may sound difficult, but it is actually very simple. During the week, I am busy with things and plans that are free or for which I have already paid. I leave one weekday open for the gas station, grocery store, or out-of-home dining. Before I had this rule, I always spent money for such modest reasons. I was bored, I was hungry (because I was bored), I didn’t want to cook dinner tonight, and I had to go see a new movie. Well, that has changed. Because I prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, I save a lot more than the average full-time employee.

This plan still leaves room for weekend entertainment, so you don’t have to become a hermit who never walks. However, it also helps cut down on unnecessary waste just because you’re bored on Tuesday. It also forces you to plan ahead, which will hopefully help you make better financial decisions.

3 Tricks I Use To Spend Less | Mixed money via Rockstar Finance


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