5 Different Cocktails for a Challenging Week

It’s only Thursday now, but this week has been crazy and I’m guessing one or more of us need a drink. To get the best of everything quickly without sacrificing taste, try one of these five easy-to-make alcoholic drinks.

  • Classic Martini: A martini may sound unusual, but it’s actually easy to make and only needs two ingredients (three if you count the side dish). To make your own, simply stir 2 1/2 ounces of gin and 1/2 ounces of dry vermouth in a glass of ice for about 15 seconds. Pour into a compartment or martini glass and garnish with olive oil or twist.
  • Black Velvet : Warm your dark heart with this creamy yet sparkling drink by combining two parts sparkling wines with one part of your favorite stout.
  • Peppermint and Amaro: Rely on the complex qualities of Amaro , whisking a sophisticated Italian liqueur (like Averna ) with mint leaves for an invigorating winter drink.
  • Something Bitter & Soda: Quench your troubling belly with a liquor like Campari or Cynar , dilute enough carbonated water to take it from “syrupy” to “sippable.”
  • Red Wine Hot Chocolate : Comfort your inner child and soothe your inner demons, while at the same time mixing large, bold red wine with decadent, sweet hot chocolate. Simply melt 1/3 cup dark chocolate chunks in 1 1/2 cups hot milk and add a glass of wine. Drink until you feel a little better.

If none of this helps or takes too much effort during these tough times, I recommend grabbing a bottle of brown liquor and drinking it neat. Serious situations call for serious drinks.


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