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Dobbie03 decided to give sidboX a try after using Gnome-Shell for a long time and this inspired him to customize his Arch box which you can see above. If you have no idea what this is about, no big deal – the end result is a gorgeous, customizable Linux desktop that we can all admire.

Dobbie03 found sidboX to be great. It’s feature-rich, lightweight, and of course, customizable. If you are interested in Openbox and are a Linux user, you can give it a try. Here’s what you’ll need to customize this look:

If you are unsure of any particular part of the entire installation, be sure to check out the Dobbie03 kinja blog linked below to learn all about it. He explains perfectly how he sets things up and provides download links if necessary. While you’re there, let him know how much we love his work too!

Do you have a beautiful and functional desktop to show off? Share with us! Place it in a personal blog using Kinja tag DesktopShowcase or add it to our pool of Lifehacker Desktop Show and the Flickr Tell . Screenshots must be at least 1280×720 and include information about what you used, links to wallpapers, skins and themes, and any other important information. If your wonderful desktop catches our attention, you may be on our favorites!

Arch Openbox Desktop | Dobby03


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