Get to Know Your Neighbors by Complimenting Them

Your neighbors have many advantages: they can feed the pets when you are away, you can lend each other things, and you have someone you can turn to in an emergency. But first you need to get to know them better and the compliment is a great icebreaker.

If you’ve just moved to a new location and want to meet the people you live with, Apartment Therapy’s Brittney Morgan suggests you compliment them when you see them:

You know how great it is when someone takes the time to notice you and say something nice, and it’s an easy way to start a conversation. Simple “Oh, I love your shoes!” or “Great outfit!” when you walk past them in the hallway, you can chat.

You can also take an interest in things they like. If one day they take an instrument with them, ask them how long they have been playing. If they carry a basketball, ask them if they have a favorite team. Or even just say something nice about the dog you are walking. You don’t have to have the same interests, but being curious will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself. Now, if they are having a noisy party and you ask them to be a little quieter, they might just invite you instead.

How To Befriend Your Neighborhood Neighbors (I mean, if you want) | Apartment therapy


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