Kenu Stand – Tiny Portable Tripod for Your Phone (With Bottle Opener)

If you love taking pictures with your phone or want to take time-lapse video with it, you can probably use a tripod and the Kenu stand will do the job just fine. It’s small enough to fold and slide over a keychain, has a bottle opener on one side, and is surprisingly stable, although it can be adjusted.

When we say the strut is tiny, we mean it is only about three inches long. Three legs fold down to form a tripod, and the adjustable ball has a connector that fits into your phone’s Lightning port (iPhone version) or USB C port (universal version) to keep your phone running. When your phone is in the stand, you can move it around, and the adjustment point is taut enough for you to hold it in one place.

Don’t expect miracles (it won’t go too far in one direction or the weight will tip the whole thing), but it can take great pictures at an angle, or just hold your phone upright and steady while you take a quick video, take a few photos, or even take longer video for slow motion or download later. It’s not a tall tripod either, so don’t expect heights here – think about what you get if you put your phone on the edge and it stays that way and you get the right idea. Of course, you can place the Stance wherever your phone fits, which is nice given its compact size.

Attached to the Stance is a tiny keychain ring so you can slip it over the keyring and have it anytime you need it, and one of the legs is molded with a built-in bottle opener so if you take it everywhere you can use it as well. whip up a cold drink. If you’re wondering, it’s $ 25, available directly or on Amazon .

Kenu Stance for iPhone ($ 25) | Kenu Kenu Stance for Android and Windows ($ 25) | Ken


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