Top Downloads This Week

Every week we share the number of downloads for all platforms to help you get started. Here are the top downloads this week.

Learn the basics of the C programming language with this free PDF

C is one of the many programming languages ​​a beginner can learn to learn. MagPi, the official magazine for the Raspberry Pi, has put together a book to help you get down to the basics.

Sharper Scaling improves image quality better than Photoshop

Windows: Sharper Scaling is a single-purpose application that increases the size of an image while maintaining an impressive amount of detail. Compared to conventional image scaling methods, sharper scaling almost does the magic trick.

Flying Freedom desktop

A snovvcrash reader shared this customized desktop in our desktop showcase and we want to fly too. Here’s how to achieve the same look on your computer.

Google Flights and Hotels are updating to make it even easier to get the best prices

Google Flights are already great for finding and tracking flight prices . However, they just updated the tool to make it even more useful: it will now tell you when to book in order to get the best deal.

Add stickers to any page with Note Anywhere

Chrome: Half the time, I really don’t remember why I left the tab open. I have dozens of tabs to use later on, but I keep forgetting their original purpose. With Note Anywhere, you can leave yourself a little reminder on any page.

TimeYourWeb tracks and analyzes how much time you spend on each website

Chrome: There are many time tracking apps out there, but TimeYourWeb may be one of the simplest we’ve ever seen. It’s a free Chrome extension that doesn’t require a login, and it has some of the most user-friendly charts out there.

Fedora goes to Raspberry Pi

Fedora may not be one of the most popular Linux distributions , but it certainly is one of the most popular . We’ve already seen it remixed on the Raspberry Pi , but it’s now available in official form.

Annotable is a powerful image annotation tool for iPhone with scaling, text annotation, and more.

iPhone: Image annotations are one of those amazingly useful tools on your iPhone, and while iOS has an option built in, there isn’t much you can do with it. Annotable offers a ton of features to easily mark up images.

IPhone Substitutions Show You What To Change Safely In Your Recipes

iOS: If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, you probably have a mental list of common ingredients to look out for and what to change instead, but you don’t have to rely on a mental list for everything. Substitutions is a one-stop app where you can quickly find ingredient substitutions on the fly.

Health Data Import Program allows you to manually control the import of health data to iPhone

iPhone: If you enjoy using the Apple Health app, you probably noticed that there is no good way to import or export your data. This is fine for most people who use iCloud to restore their device, but if you would rather set up a new iPhone instead, it loses that data. The Health Data Importer saves him.

How to get your old Hangouts Chrome extension back

Google recently revamped the Hangouts Chrome extension, making it a little more similar to its Android and iOS equivalents. For some, this is a welcome update, but others have opted for the old style of floating windows. Here’s how to get the old interface back.


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