Why Your Credit Card Bill Might Not Appear on Your Report

It’s a good idea to check your credit reports every year . You want to know what your loan looks like, but you also want to look for any errors or hints of fraud. However, you may also be concerned if you don’t see any of your accounts in your report. This is why it could have happened.

As Credit.com explains, there are several reasons why an account might not appear on your report. First, the account might be too new. Typically, a request from a financial institution will first appear on your report – you will see that they have taken your loan to approve your account. From there, the actual account is usually displayed after 30-60 days.

In addition, if you are an authorized user , this can also affect your report. According to Rod Griffin, director of education at Experian, logged in activity is not always reflected in their reports.

Finally, it’s worth noting that banks and lenders are not required to share your information. Credit.com explains:

When asked why some businesses choose not to report a credit card, Griffin replied that in some cases it is just a business decision that may involve cost savings. “For example, a small local bank or regional bank may decide to report to only one lending company rather than two or three,” he said.

Chances are, if the account doesn’t show up, it might be too new. If not, you can always contact the bank or the lender himself and ask about their credit reporting process. For more details please follow the link below.

Why is my credit card not showing on my credit report? | Credit.com


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