Edge-Lit LED Workspace

Working space Devin filled with beautiful change color LED ribbon, and the effect looks great. He has three displays, a magnificent view ofthe Carina Nebula with a backlit frame and an aquarium in his workspace, and we envy him.

The picture above clearly shows everything in his workspace. Devin explains:

The writing desk and aquarium, as well as my impromptu bookshelf with a framed illuminated view of the Carina Nebula, so I can think of space travel when I should be working and / or reading.

For starters, he notes that all three panels are powered by the 15-inch MacBook Pro, and yes, if you can’t tell, this is the boss behind it all. Devin also notes that he can change colors. LED strips anytime like this all green atmosphere below:

Here’s a closer shot of the table surface and the tools he uses to actually do things:

It looks like there’s an iPad down there and all three displays are connected by a single mount, which is what I love to see in these multi-monitor settings. Also digging up the headphone stand and audio controls on the far right, although his Flickr photos don’t tell us too much about this extra stuff.

Anyway, if you like what you see, head over to his Flickr page (link below) and let him know you like it. He has a few more photos of his installation that you can view. Let him know we sent you and that we love his work!

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Workspace + Space | Flickr


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