Relieve Grief by Assigning Food Type to Food Plastic Containers

Over time, food storage containers become more and more difficult to clean. Stains and odors from plastic remain longer than they should. If you want to avoid constant deep cleaning and possibly extend the life of your containers, try assigning them to use with specific products.

The extra minced garlic is great for a different recipe, but this container will now smell like garlic. This tikka masala was successful, but the leftovers will forever leave their mark on the plastic. There are ways to try to remove odors or clear stains from your containers , but Sara Jampel from Food52 suggests you just roll with it:

… use a marker or piece of tape to mark specific containers for smelly (onions, coffee), buttery (salad dressings, garlic confit), stains (turmeric curry, tomato sauce) and sour (vinaigrette) pickles). Then repeat, keeping like in like.

This tip is especially useful for those cheap deli-style containers you save after getting takeout. You can find some more great tips for plastic containers at the link below.

How to extend the life of your cheap but beloved plastic containers


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