Make a Cocktail Worth Drinking With Fancy Add-Ons

With all the crazy things going on in the craft cocktail scene, a teetotaler can easily feel left out. It doesn’t have to be alcohol, which you might be lacking, but having a wonderful glass of delicious liquid prepared just for you. To combat the ethanol-fueled FOMO, Natasha David of Nitecap offers several non-alcoholic cocktails that will please even drinkers.

According to Vogue, David makes sure abstainers feel as good as drinkers by using interesting, fresh ingredients and infusions:

Making mocktails comes naturally to David; She has long set herself the goal of offering moms-to-be more than just seltzer water or lemonade so that they “feel like part of the party,” she explains. It helps that Nitecap has a well-stocked arsenal of non-alcoholic ingredients. “We always use fresh, seasonal ingredients to make syrups or infusions,” she says.

Click the link below to see David’s recipes, including Spring Fling, which combines 3 ounces of chilled hibiscus tea with strawberries, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and seltzer – but just a few small additions can make a soft drink look special, like binge. Some ideas:

  • Add fresh sprigs of mint, lavender, or rosemary to lemonade or tea (or Arnold Palmers).
  • Chop or toss fresh fruits such as cucumbers or strawberries and combine with fruit juice and seltzer.
  • Add super tasty lime leaves to it !
  • Make your own flavored simple syrup (ginger, I think) and add a fancy homemade soda to the seltzer water.
  • Don’t forget the side dishes. A fancy Luxardo cherry or even a strip of citrus zest can transform a non-alcoholic cocktail from mee to delicious.

After you’ve created your super trendy yummy non-alcoholic cocktail, be sure to serve it in a super trendy glass. Everyone loves to drink from a super fancy glass.

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