Don’t Waste Time Making Decisions That Don’t Bring You More Satisfaction.

When faced with a choice, how much time do you spend making sure it is perfect? If this decision makes a significant difference to your happiness, take your time. However, if you are picking a tie in the morning, perhaps don’t worry about it.

As the personal finance site Money Boss notes, perfectionists like to maximize every decision they make. They delay making any decision they don’t know will be the best use of their time, money, or resources. This can sometimes be a good strategy. However, more often than not, it’s a waste of time, making you less satisfied with your life:

I’ve been a maximizer for a long time. Whenever I had to make a decision, I did a hell of a lot researching it. I wanted to buy and do and have only the best. But you know what? No matter how much time I spent choosing the perfect product, it always fell short of my expectations. This is because there is no perfect product.

In many cases, your optimization process for the perfect decision is actually just a way to make you feel better about the right decision. Rarely is the perfect phone, job, or relationship. You can rule out a few bad decisions, but in the end, you still choose something less optimal. It’s okay to accept this reality so you don’t waste time making a decision.

The ideal is the enemy of the good | Money Boss via Rockstar Finance


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