SwiftKey’s New Neural Network Text Prediction Impressively Good

I hate writing on my phone. The keyboard is slow and mistakes are easy too. However, the new SwiftKey “neural network” keyboard made a serious impression on me. Forecasts are now useful enough to dramatically reduce the time I spend typing on my phone.

SwiftKey announced its neural network keyboard back in October last year , but finally released it to everyone. Instead of looking at the last couple of words in your text, SwiftKey now analyzes your entire sentence to guess which words you want to enter next. It also suggests a few words that usually belong together, such as “to be,” and can understand the context of what you are typing. For example, if you type “Let’s go to,” he might guess from the context that you might mean “beach”. The video above explains in more detail how a neural network approach helps make better predictions.

Keyboard predictions will learn too. So the longer you use it, the better it should get. Personally, I have been using the default Google keyboard by default for years, but after typing this entire article on it, I was very tempted to switch. You can download the latest version of SwiftKey from the Google Play Store now.

SwiftKey | Google Play Store via SwiftKey


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