Top 10 YouTube Channels That Inspire You to Cook

I watch YouTube like a lot of people watch TV. I also love cooking shows, so this week I’m bringing them together to share some great YouTube channels to help you get to the kitchen and prepare something delicious.

10. Bon appetit

Bon Appetit’s official YouTube channel is a mix of how-tos, interesting food documentaries and short films, all of which are fun. You may not always agree with the methods or recipes (I certainly disagree – their approach to grilling pizza and their entire Kids Trying series is often overwhelmed to the point of being eye-worthy), but many are reliable enough for us to highlight some of their tips earlier.

A couple of examples: their method of making scrambled eggs and 30-minute broth in a pressure cooker , not to mention their master sandwich lesson shown above. Browse their extensive video archives and you’ll find something fun to do or improve in your own kitchen.

9. Epic

The Epicurious YouTube channel is mostly about recipes and instructions, augmented by a bit of pop flair, as well as some Game of Thrones inspired recipes and other fun themes. From the basics likebroccoli broccoli orcrispy crushed potatoes, to more fun step-by-step guides like atrip to a Japanese supermarket (shown above), you’ll find something that will either show you how to make something delicious or inspire you to cooking. something tasty to yourself.

We also identified some of their videos such as chicken curry from the three ingredients and seasoning mix the Doritos, made their hands .

8. ChefSteps

The people behind ChefSteps are amazing people, and we’ve highlighted a number of their tips – mainly because their approach to food preparation reflects ours: lightness, value and great results thanks to reliable technique and technology where applicable. So it comes as no surprise that we posted some of their sous vide videos, such as the super juicy burger recipe (shown above) or how to get a great crust on a sous vide steak .

We also identified some of their videos devoted to basic techniques, such as how to master knife for slicing mandoline as julienne of vegetables with the help of a mandolin and how to bake any vegetables that are in you can be.

7. Tastemade

Tastemade is one of my favorite food channels, in part because they manage to combine simple cooking lessons with fun and engaging travel and cooking shows so that even Food Network influencers can learn a lesson. Some of my other favorites (below) are the channels I subscribed to because I liked the personalities I discovered at Tastemade. From the fun and quirky Alice in Paris to the fun and haunting All The Pizza , to the highly sponsored (but still fun to watch) Local Flight (seriously, I’d like to see what some of these bartenders could do if they weren’t partnered with Gray Goose), you’re sure to find a show that you enjoy.

We’ve also posted some of their tips and cooking videos where possible. In a recent Brain Buffet review, I highlighted one episode from Emmy’s (famous at emmymadeinjapan ) “The Tale of Kitto Catto” , and when I stumbled upon this advice on super clean and delicious fruit purees in the baby food section, I had to post it. We’ve even posted one of the easiest desserts in the world thanks to their feed. Stay awake in Tiny Kitchen, or anything else cooked by Marcus Meacham, Lazarus Lynch or Jen Fanomrath. Seriously, you should just subscribe.

6. You suck at cooking

YSAC is more than just a food channel, it is a lifestyle. Expect comedies, not cooking guides, and you should be fine. To be honest, I feel bad about even trying to explain the channel here, because I feel that whatever I say will diminish its fun and greatness. Start with acold coffee episode (see above), but you really can’t go wrong. I may have singled out their episode of “kitchen tricks” in the recent Brain Buffet because I really like it. If you have time, start from the beginning, catch up, and then salivate expecting more.

5. Feeling thirsty

Julie Nolke, the face of Feeling Peckish, started the channel to make movie-inspired recipes, and while I’m not as much of a movie lover as she is, the parodies she does before each recipe are hilarious and hilarious. I found out about Julie through Tastemade and had to subscribe to her channel – and just in time asshe is working on her own film project , which is shaping up amazingly. When it comes to cooking, herBatman and Superman pizza videos are hilarious , and herStraight Outta Compton cocktails are drinks I’d put aside entirely.

4. SortedFood

The guys behind SortedFood have been filming culinary videos for a long time, and they are a combination of personalized fun and super informative recipe demonstration. They are based in the UK, so if you ever watch their video and wonder why they choose some of the ingredients they make, or whytheir classic potato salad actually looks like a salad and has a lot of greens in it, this is Why … Heck, we just posted a video of their grill break-ins not too long ago .

They also lovingly poke funny holes inkitchengadgets andkitchen gadgetsthat no one needs (luckily I can’t remember how we showed you here, phew) and cook some really incredible and delicious meals.Be sure to check out theirtoblerone cheesecake recipe,bigos (hunting stew)recipe, orSpanish omelet recipe to get started.

3.Cooking with the dog

Cooking with Dog has been on YouTube since … well, before YouTube was the YouTube we know today, and has been introducing the public to Japanese food and cooking ever since. The chef and her toy poodle, Frances, have spent years sharing recipes, traveling together, and demonstrating amazing cooking techniques at the same time. The playlists page is broken down into all sorts of recipes you’ll want to learn, including Go! Francis! a series that teaches you a thing or two about Japanese food culture.

Don’t be intimidated by the sheer number of videos – even old videos are still fun to watch, like thetamagoyaki recipe and the (updated!) Omuris recipe , not to mention the seven-year (!) How-to age. make a bento . ” Don’t sleep on the newproduct ,thoughmatcha panna cotta looks divine last month, as does this week’s healthysweet and sour meatballrecipe .

2. Just eat life

The story of how I fell in love with Jen Fanomrat is funny and starts with Tastemade (where she also posts recipes). I loved her Hungry AF series in Tastemade, and when she started filming and posting videos there, I started watching everything she did. Then I found her YouTube channel and signed up, and the rest is history. With her recipes, cooking techniques, hilarious puns, and Leo’s incredible camera work filming everything she does, you have some of the best food and cooking videos to grace YouTube.

If I admire this channel, it’s worth it. Check outher grilled halloumi burger , her recipe for theperfect Michelada and accompanying wings , andher grilled cheese making for beginners. It tastes likefive ways to use watermelon and thisincredibly braided cheese and garlic bread .

1. Brothers Green Eats

We’ve already covered some of Brothers Green Eats videos, like 10 different dishes that can be cooked using just eggs , 5 creative uses of hummus that you shouldn’t dunk, how to turn cup noodles into real food, and even how to prepare your entire Wawa sandwich menu at home , just to name a few, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This long-running channel has not only tips and recipes for cooking, but also tips for a healthy lifestyle, how to eat right on a very limited budget (I’m talking about dollars a day), all kinds of ways to prepare fast food. home is better , and some great tips for beginners to learn how to cook and master their kitchen. They’re more than worthy of a subscription, and their back catalog is well worth exploring for plenty of things to do.

Oh, we have to point out that there is no particular order in this list. Personally, I love all of these channels and subscribe to every one of them. You should too.


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