Windscribe Is a Combination of VPN and Browser-Based Privacy Package

Windows / macOS / Linux / Android / iOS / Chrome / Firefox: The best VPNs encrypt your data and keep all your messages safe from prying eyes. The best browser-based privacy tools prevent your behavior from being tracked based on the sites you visit. Windscribe is a utility and service that does both in one package.

If you’re looking for one utility that comes with just about every privacy tool you can think of, Windscribe is the place for you. It combines a complete VPN that will encrypt all your communications with browser-based anti-tracking tools, an ad blocker, and more (like safe link generators and firewalls, none of which you probably won’t use or really need. ). But they are.) The service is shareware and allows you one connection per device, 10 GB of data, and a choice of nine server launch countries before you have to upgrade to Windscribe Pro, which unlocks all of these restrictions: $ 9 per month or $ 90 a year. (You can see the difference between the free and pro versions here .)

Pro users get exit servers in 25 countries and can pay with Bitcoin if you really want untraceable. When I asked the team behind the service their approach to user privacy, they explained that like any good VPN, they only log the bandwidth used per user to enforce free tier restrictions, and that everything is clearly stated in their policy. confidentiality . Even an email address is not required when creating an account.

Best of all, the service works like any VPN and doesn’t block specific protocols or destinations, so you can freely use it to bypass location-restricted content, stay safe on public or unreliable Wi-Fi networks, or share files securely. There are desktop versions of the app for Windows and macOS (professional users get access to OpenVPN configurations for Linux), mobile versions for iOS and Android (only professional users get the Android app), and browser-based privacy tools for Chrome and Firefox (and a package for Opera. ) To find out more, click on the link below.



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