Some Anker USB-C Cables Recall Due to Hardware Failure

You will probably have to start using USB-C cables for some gadgets in the near future, but you should probably be careful when buying . Diligent engineers have discovered a flaw in some of Anker’s USB cables that could damage hardware.

As engineer Nathan K. shows in the video above, the Anker Powerline 3.1 Gen2 cable has a flaw in which it “remembers” the charging voltage of the laptop it is connected to and then accidentally supplies that higher voltage to the phone if it is not disconnected. from the network. more powerful charging base. This can overload your phone and destroy it if it cannot handle more than 5 volts.

Anker has already responded with the following review:

We offer a full refund for all PowerLine USB-C A8185011 users. In addition, we would like to offer a free Anker PowerLine USB-C cable to affected customers as soon as we improve the Anker PowerLine USB-C A8185011.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an issue with cables and fast chargers taking advantage of the higher voltage capabilities of USB-C . Unfortunately, not all accessory makers have tested everything as thoroughly as they should before entering the market. USB-C cables are still relatively new compared to more established standards, and hopefully manufacturers will clean up their stuff soon. However, it’s worth reading the USB-C cable reviews before you buy so you don’t lose out on expensive hardware.

Anker Issues Recall & Replacement After Researcher Demonstrates Unsafe USB-C Cables | Police Android


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