To Prevent Milk From Burning, Use an Ice Cube or Some Water

Whether you need to boil some milk for homemade yogurt, creamy sauce, or even hot cocoa, you can prevent the milk from burning and sticking to the pan with this simple trick.

Toasted milk affects the taste of everything you do and it sticks to the pot making it difficult to clean. The next time you go to cook milk on the stove, Melissa Clarke of The New York Times Cooking Blog will ask you to first rub the inner bottom of a saucepan with an ice cube. You can also rinse the pan with a little cold water (leaving some water at the bottom). As long as you keep milk below 200 degrees Fahrenheit and stir the milk occasionally while it heats up, you shouldn’t have any problems with burning.

Creamy homemade yoghurt | New York Times Culinary Blog


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