Stay in a New Unverified Hotel and Get Great Service at an Affordable Price.

There are tons of options to save money on accommodation . However, if you are looking for first-class service, you can often get it at an affordable price by staying at a newly opened hotel.

In Refinery29, Travelzoo Senior Editor Gabe Sagli explains why new unverified hotels offer a solid return on investment:

“Many travelers have brand loyalty, which can negatively impact newly opened hotels in an effort to attract new and returning guests. When guests are booking rooms at new hotels that want to attract loyal fans, those hotels may be more inclined to offer upgrades to get people talking about their property “- not to mention repeat business.

I have found that these hotels are often cheaper too. The demand is not that high, but sometimes they are still under construction, which turns off potential guests. Of course, there are downsides – you could add noise, the hotel is still trying to solve its problems – but this is a decent option if you want to save money without giving up comfort. To find out more, follow the link below.

8 Ingenious Tricks For A Better Hotel Room Every Time | Refinery29


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