Slice Watch for Chrome Will Send You Price Alert Emails

Chrome: Slice is a great companion for online shopping . This week they released Slice Watch, a browser extension that automatically tracks prices and sends you an email when an item you’re looking for drops in price.

Slice is a one-stop shopping tool that tracks your online receipts, tracks packages, and helps you find great deals. Their latest browser extension, Slice Watch, makes price tracking incredibly easy. Moreover, they will email you when the price of that item drops. They explain how it works:

The icon in the upper right corner will turn turquoise if you are on a supported seller’s site, and will remain gray otherwise. When shopping on a supported site, click the icon when you see an item you want to buy but expect a better deal in the future. A pop-up window will open and the product will be added to the list of products that we will follow you. If the price drops during a future sale, you will receive an immediate email notification!

Of course, there are other price tracking apps out there, but this makes it even easier to find the best price because you can add it to your listing right from the product page. The app doesn’t work with all retailers, but it works with most major retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and more. To verify this, follow the link below.

Slice watch


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