This Video Explains Why Athletes Sometimes Wear Colorful Ribbons on Their Bodies.

The elastic band worn by some athletes is just one of many “rabbit feet” that help them play to their fullest. Supposedly, wearing the band improves circulation and allows them to compete while they recover from minor injuries. This video from DNews explains if they work and why so many athletes trust them.

One of the more popular brands, KT Tape, claims that the tape is designed to “relieve pain and support muscles, ligaments and tendons.” It is supposed to work by tightening your skin to relieve pressure on injured muscles and stimulate blood flow, allowing you to rip apart the athletic field without restricting your range of motion.

Scientific support for their benefits is very weak, but that does not stop people from wearing them to this day. In a highly competitive environment, additional mental edge is just as important as your physical capabilities. Therefore, if you believe that something is working and is helping your productivity, you are more likely to get better.

Why do all athletes wear these weird ribbons? | DNews


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