Make a Low-Angle Camera Mount Out of an Old Pan

Getting really good low-angle shots can be challenging as you can’t use most tripods and handheld shots can be shaky and blurry. However, you can make your camera mount almost at ground level using an old, cheap skillet.

On the Fujifilm blog, photographer Roger Payne shows how he used a frying pan to keep it off the ground when shooting from a low angle. However, you will need a few things – the most important is a real tripod head (ideally one with a pivot and a joint) that you will use to mount the camera to a pallet. You will then also need the appropriate nut and bolt to install the head and a drill with a 10mm bit.

The rest speaks for itself: Payne drilled a hole in the center of the pan and used a bolt to set the tripod head. You may need to cut the bolt to a suitable length, and obviously it should have the same thread size as the tripod head (most are 3/8 “). Do the same and then your pot is ready to cook.

How A Frying Pan Can Help With Photography | Fujifilm Blog via PetaPixel


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