Turn Negative Feedback Into Actionable Tasks With a Two-Column List

Negative feedback can be difficult, but if you learn to let go of the resentment, you can use it to your advantage. At Forbes, career coach Tina Nikolai suggests creating a two-column list to turn criticism into actionable tasks.

It’s easy to get defensive when someone offers criticism, even if it’s constructive. However, you may recognize this defensive response as a trigger for the ability to form better habits. In response to their feedback, ask questions that address the solution, not the problem, and you will receive useful advice that you can apply in practice.

Another way to make negative feedback effective is to list objective criticisms from your boss, colleague, or friend. Here’s what Nikolai suggests:

“Write down the solution for each negative review in the column. This is your planning guide. Plan your work and work on your plan. ” Throughout the process, you will be able to hone your skills, gain more knowledge, and become a better employee overall.

This helps to maintain objective feedback, but more importantly, it ensures that it is actually useful. Go to the full post for more on how to get rid of negative reviews.

8 Ways To Turn Negative Feedback Into Positive | Forbes


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