Splash 500px Lets You Search for Photos by Sketching Them

The 500px photography enthusiast site has a new tool that lets you search for photos by sketching them. Do you have a vague idea of ​​what you want to see, or a catchy photo that you couldn’t find? Just channel your inner Van Gogh.

Of course, drawing an image with your mouse on a virtual canvas will not provide much fidelity, but you can use the color palette you like to find the scenic scene. The photos are mostly for landscape photography and you can buy them for yourself or even order a print. Color is really key here – you can try to paint a lighthouse carefully, for example, but this tool extrapolates your wide strokes and color choices more than your intricate intentions. You’re also looking for animals, portraits, travel and city photos that match your palette, and the search results update with every stroke you add to your drawing.

Splash by 500px Labs via PetaPixel


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