Improve Your Letter by Reading It Aloud

It’s hard to write. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the correct sequence of words to convey your thoughts and ideas. A sentence may make sense as you type it, but reading it aloud is another matter entirely. To improve your writing, make sure it sounds good when read aloud.

At Fast Company, author Laura Vanderkam offers some tips for effective speaking, but her advice to “write strategically” is overall solid writing advice:

Even when people silently read something to themselves, they are actually speaking the words in their head. This means that a letter that sounds good when read aloud will feel like a good letter, even if it is never read aloud.

One way to do this is to just read what you’ve already written and make sure it’s coherent. However, I also use my computer’s text-to-voice feature to read my texts aloud. Hearing my words from third parties makes it easier to spot strange phrases. I also sometimes use voice dialing to write from scratch (you can find this in Google Docs under Tools> Voice dialing ). If you find it difficult to get the words out of your head, say them out loud to make it easier to structure the text.

Vanderkam offers more tips in his full post at the link below.

How to make your voice sound better so people really listen to you | Fast Company


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