Quickly Fix Shiny Skin in Photos With Photoshop or Lightroom

Anyone who regularly photographs people has had to deal with portraits or other photographs in which people looked a little shiny. Maybe they’re a little sweaty or the lighting is to blame, but either way it’s easy to fix in Photoshop or Lightroom, depending on what you’re using.

The video above by photographer Joe Edelman (whose work we’ve covered here earlier ) walks you through Photoshop’s eyedropper and brush tools to quickly smooth out shiny spots on your subject’s face or skin. It’s really simple, and works on both light and dark skin. It takes a little more work in Lightroom, but you’ll use the spot healing tool to do the same job. You will need to tweak the settings a bit, but Edelman will walk you through the process in the video above, along with sample photos. Click Play on the video above to watch it in action.

Portrait Retouching Tip: Fix Shiny Skin in Photoshop and Lightroom | Joe Edelman (YouTube) via DIY Photography


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