You Can Now Customize and Run IFTTT Recipes From Third Party Apps

If This Then That (IFTTT) is one of the best automation services out there and it will get much better from today. Until today, you always needed to set up, open and activate recipes on the IFTTT website or app. Now you can do it directly from the third party app you want to use.

The idea here is to use IFTTT as a service rather than a standalone application. So, just like you can integrate Dropbox into almost any application where it makes sense, you can do the same with IFTTT. This should make automation easier and faster. The service is currently only available to a few partners, including LIFX and Stack Lighting, but others are in development. Head over to the IFTTT blog post for a list of apps that will launch soon, and don’t be surprised if you find integration options for your favorite apps in the future.

IFTTT opens an app near you | IFTTT Blog


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