Dual Ultra-Wide Workspace

Two ultra-wide monitors may seem like overkill for one desk, but when one is in portrait mode for easy reading and less scrolling, all held up top with a monitor arm for a nice, clean desk and good cable management. , well, we couldn’t resist. Here are some more photos.

Redditor sigmammoth placed them in sabreddite Battlestations (link below), and if I add another ultra-wide at your table (you may remember that I recently fell in love with one ), I may have to use this approach. Both displays are Samsung 29-inch curved ultra-wide displays, but the right one is set in portrait orientation, which is great for reading, especially since most of the internet is vertical and more horizontal space might seem unnecessary. Here’s another shot on the left, with fist-fisted stormtroopers in the front and center:

You may have noticed that the monitor arm itself is hidden behind a short divider that stops just below the horizontal monitor. The effect keeps the entire desk clean, hides the monitor arm and cables behind it from view, and of course gives stormtroopers a place to sit.

And a shot from the right and below so you can see his posters decorating the space:

Everything looks great and you can see tons of other photos from the link below on the Imgur gallery (including some of the Stormtrooper figurine shenanigans that we wholeheartedly support). using and more – also found on the Reddit thread below, and if you follow through, please give sigmammoth a positive vote and let them know how much we love their work.

If you have your own workspace to show off, share it with us by adding it to our Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Flickr pool . Make sure all photos you add are at least 1280×720 in size. And adhering to the 16: 9 aspect ratio helps too! Include a little text about what you used, how you came up with the design, and any other important details. If your smart organization and good design flair are striking, you could be the next workplace ambassador!

New Rig / Stormtrooper Adventure | Imgur via Reddit


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