Make Alton Brown’s Cirvin Sangria Before Summer Ends

On a recent North Carolina tour, Alton Brown discovered a sangria trick so ingenious that he was embarrassed not to think about it: For a delicious sangria, skip the regular soda and add Cheerwine instead.

The original recipe, which is taken from Durham’s tapas bar Mateo , inspired Alton to create his own recipe, which you can read from the link below, but I think adding a bottle or two of Cheerwine to any sangria is a great idea. In fact, I would go further with this concept (more lazy) and replace it with Coca-Cola in Kalimotho .

Of course, Cheerwine isn’t necessarily available on store shelves all over the place, but if you can get your hands on it, it’s worth it. You can also pick it up from Amazon if you like.

Cheerwine Sangria | Alton Brown


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