Remove Stubborn Debris From the Microwave With an Old Credit Card

Some rubbish isn’t easy to wipe off in the microwave, especially if it’s turned into a solid piece of sticky old food. However, if you can tone it down a little at first, an old credit card can help you finally get rid of it.

This video from YouTube Consumer Reports showcases some of the microwave cleaning tips we’ve talked about earlier, such as using lemons to freshen the interior , but it also has a tip that you might find helpful if your microwave is really dirty. You can use an old credit card to scrape off really stubborn rubbish that can’t be erased. So, microwave a few lemons and maybe some baking soda in a bowl of water, then wipe it off. If anything remains, remove the credit card and carefully peel it off with the edge.

The Best Way to Clean Your Microwave | Youtube


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