These Vegetables Are Actually Better Burnt.

A burning dinner has been the scourge of home cooks since the fire was opened, but there are some vegetables that really benefit from a little – well, a lot – of coal.

A little browning not only gives a great taste to the outside roast, but it can also turn the flesh of some vegetables into a smokier, smoother, and juicier version of the vegetables themselves. Kitchn has a full list of suggestions at the link below, but here are a few of my favorites.

  • Bell peppers : I like to grill it over an open fire (or grill it, or fry it) until all the skin is black, then peel off the burnt outside to reveal a super sweet, velvety inside that is great for making soup. pizza, or as an addition to a cheese or meat platter.
  • Brussels sprouts: If you’ve ever eaten only boiled Brussels sprouts, you probably don’t like them too much, but roasting them until the outer leaves are crispy and black will turn them from “tasteless” to “I’ll eat. them forever. ” ” very fast.
  • Tomatoes: the highest vocation of a tomato is a simple and noble sandwich with tomatoes, but you really want to throw bubbles, blackened tomatoes into a simple paste, serve with fish or turn them into a smoky bruschetta. Simply skewer, brush with olive oil and sauté.
  • Romaine Salad: Caesar salads are great, but Caesar salads made with charred, smoky romaine are even better. Brush the entire center with olive oil and grill until some charcoal remains.

In fact, I find it hard to think of many vegetables that don’t benefit from magic – a fair amount of blazing heat. I was about to say carrots, but then I remembered that the grilled carrots are really amazing.

12 Vegetables Really Worth Burning | Kitchen


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