Top Downloads This Week

Every week we share the number of downloads for all platforms to help you get started. Here are the top downloads this week.

Win10 widgets bring system monitors and other built-in tools to your desktop

Windows: Built-in desktop widgets left Windows with the end of the sidebar, but they’ve always been available with third-party apps like the always incredible Rainmeter. Win10 Widgets is a Rainmeter package that brings a lot of these informative widgets back to Windows in a way that looks natural on Windows 10.

Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 is awkward, but available right now

iOS 9 has been jailbroken for a while , but small versions of the software have remained relatively intact. The newest iOS operating system now has a Windows-only clumsy jailbreak available in Chinese only.

Desktop computer inspired by Momentum

The geeklibrarian Reader desktop is inspired by Momentum, one of our favorite Chrome extensions , and looks beautiful. Calm and soothing, but informative at the same time. Here’s how to achieve the same look.

Simple Habit offers simple five-minute meditations that can be practiced anywhere

iOS: We’ve discussed the topic of paid meditation apps before , but Simple Habit is a new option that offers simple five-minute meditations designed for specific needs or times of day. They can help you relax, restore concentration, or calm a restless mind.

Microsoft Pix for iOS automatically captures and edits photos for the best image possible

iOS: Microsoft has released a camera app for iPhone with the main goal of making it easy to get the best photos without any extra effort on your part.

The Speedtest Chrome extension tests your internet speed without leaving the page you are on

Chrome: The Speedtest website has long been a popular method for quickly testing load speed, but if you find yourself doing it often, you may want a more affordable solution. The Speedtest Chrome extension does just that.

Pocket Casts for iOS looks new, adds volume boost, dark theme and more

iOS: Until recently, Pocket Casts was our favorite podcast manager for iPhone . Although not our favorite anymore, it is still very good and if you are a regular user you will be glad to see several improvements coming today.

VisualRuler uses your camera to measure objects in the real world

iOS: Sometimes you need to quickly measure something and you probably don’t carry a ruler with you, but of course there is an app for that. VisualRuler gives you a decent estimate of object size with your phone’s camera.

You can now get add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets on Android

Android: Google Drive on the web contains a ton of great and useful add-ons . Now that power is coming to Android. When using Docs or Sheets, you can install a set of add-ons specially designed to extend the functionality of mobile applications.

Avis now allows you to view and exchange rental cars in real time

iOS, Android: Car rental company Avis has had their own app for a while, but they recently released an update that makes it much more useful. Customers can now view their selections in real time, exchange cars at the last minute, and get fuel and mileage data right from their phone.


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