Make a Lightweight Camera Stabilizer With LEGO

You can make a simple gimbal for lightweight cameras from a variety of cheap materials , but none of these solutions are as enjoyable as crafting your own custom rig from LEGO. This video from Product Tank shows you how to make a cool stabilizer out of spare plastic bricks.

First, the practicalities: The LEGO rig will obviously be more fragile than other solutions, and the goal here is to really learn how the stabilizer works. As the Product Tank demonstrates, making a good camera stabilizer really comes down to finding an accurate balance between the top mount where the camera will be placed and the weight on the bottom of the rig, as well as creating a smooth multi-axis pivot point that connects to your grip. Small cameras like a GoPro or even a smartphone allow for lightweight building materials, and LEGO has the added advantage of being ideal for rapid prototyping through trial and error. Watch the video for a complete understanding of how it works, then try making your own.

Textbook for assemblyof the stabilizer DIY GoPro LEGO Producttank via PetaPixel


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