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We’ve seen many workspaces with great audio hardware, but redditor huy has an interesting collection of good, reliable , consumer hardware designed to give it the best listening experience without going crazy or over the top. Here’s a look at his workplace.

The picture above shows the entire setup, including the audio equipment to the left of the table and the workstation. Here is a snapshot of the computer and associated hardware:

Huy explains what you see:

Monitor Asus ProArt PA248q, 24“, Monitor Dell U3011, 30 ”

Wyse Keyboard – Looking for a good mechanical full size keyboard. Mouse Logitech G500

Fostex 6301b Active Monitors and Teac LS-MC90 Speakers

15-inch MacBook Pro i7 – 2.3GHz, 16GB RAM, 240GB SSD

Now the Macbook Pro is not connected to anything, but it does show a photo and summary of its computer at the bottom. Here are the specs:

Hidden behind my entertainment counter, my computer. I need to upgrade my gaming graphics card for this PC.

Fractal R4 i7 3770k case with Corsair H110i cooler 16GB RAM Corsair Dominator RAMEVGA GTX 570 with NZXT bracket, Corsair H90 cooler AMD FirePro W7000a stupid amount of hard drives

Seems legit. I especially appreciate the lighting and the wooden table with plenty of space to fold out, although the chair doesn’t look too comfortable for a long time! Next, let’s take a look at the audio system:

Tuner Sony XDR-F1HD, Denon DA-300, DAC, USB, Denon DN-500AV preamplifier, DAC for acoustics Mac 1, Sony X303ES CD player, Harman Kardon PM640 integrated amplifier.

And that’s not even counting the gorgeous DarkVoice 336i he has just above this shot, and the vintage Carver C-500 2-channel power amplifier he managed to keep (and / or pass on to him!). Click on the link below to see the full Imgur gallery, we don’t want to mess things up here.

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The dust of everyday life | Imgur via Reddit


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