How to Stay Safe While Playing Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a great way to get rid of your lazy ass and have some outdoor fun. Before heading out on your adventure, you should learn a few basic safety tips, pack some essential supplies, and remember to change your underwear every single day .

Don’t go anywhere if you don’t feel safe walking normally

Unless you normally walk into a darkened alley at 3 a.m., don’t do it for the sake of this rare torment. Pokémon Go can use landmarks and real-world locations for things like Poké Stops and Pokémon Gyms, but the Pokémon themselves are mostly randomly generated. This means they can spawn in the backyard, behind a fence, or inside buildings. The game does not know if it is safe or legal to go to these places, so use your common sense.

Also, do not go where the game is not intended. You don’t need to go to the police station, hospital, or Holocaust museum to catch a Pokémon. In the game world, everyone may have nothing better to do than catch cute little monsters, but in real life you can do serious damage if you don’t pay attention to your surroundings.

Also, if you are planning to research something new, let someone know where you are going and how long you will be there. If you want to go for a walk at night, wear brightly colored clothing or reflective clothing so others can see you.

Remember what you look like when you play

It’s a daunting task because, unless you’re playing like a moron, catching Pokémon is innocent and harmless fun. However, an outside observer who is ( somehow ) unaware of the game may be wrong. This does not mean that you are wrong in a public place, but you also cannot count on the other side to reduce the escalation of the confrontation.

Pay attention to the people around you. Do not linger in front of anyone’s home or business where you would not otherwise linger. If someone approaches you, be polite and explain the game. If you are in foreign territory and are asked to leave, it is probably better to submit than to fight.

Be aware that someone who doesn’t know or care about Pokémon Go might call the police (or worse) if you’re in the wrong place wearing black , or wearing the wrong clothes, or simply because im don’t like the look. your face. It’s not your fault and it’s unfair, but in a Pokémon game, you shouldn’t go beyond these limits either.

Prepare with supplies if you take long walks

Walking is a huge part of Pokémon Go , especially if you’ve caught the egg. I recently picked up an egg that requires at least 5km of walking before it hatches, and I already had a couple of 2km eggs to start with. This is over five and a half miles of walking, during which I was able to find even more eggs. It’s really tempting to grind it up without paying attention.

If you find yourself in a similar situation and are not used to long hikes, bring some water with you. Plan your itinerary in advance and look for places to rest if you need to. The last thing you want to do is exhaust yourself before realizing that you need to turn back and go for the same long walk again. Pokémon Go is physical activity, so you should treat it as such. Stay hydrated, take breaks, and don’t overexert yourself .

Keep track of your belongings

Pokémon Gyms and Poké Stops can often be found in densely populated areas where a group of players can get together with their expensive electronics and have fun outside. This also makes them a great place for a thief to find a target that has a net income and is distracted by their smartphone.

You probably don’t need to be told to hold your phone while playing, but you do need to be extra careful with all the other things you carry with you. Always hold onto your purse, backpack, laptop bag, or anything else that holds your valuables. It only takes a thief a second to get away with your bag because you haven’t paid enough attention to him.

Beware of scams and bad actors online and offline

You may also run into assholes who want to spoil the fun with scams or shady deals. We’ve already heard reports of people selling accounts or services on Craigslist . One email newsletter claimed that you now have to pay a monthly game fee . Pokémon Go has in-game purchases with in-game currency, but beyond that, you never have to give anyone money to play the game.

Also, be careful where you go personally. In one case, armed robbers used decoy modules on Poké Stops to lure players into hiding places . Obviously, you cannot assume that every Poké Stop is a beacon for criminals, but if you need to drive somewhere in low light and few people are around to catch this Pikachu, perhaps wait for your next opportunity.

Be polite to others

Meeting other people playing Pokémon Go is one of the most fun aspects of the game. This does not mean that basic politeness should go beyond. If you approach someone and they have the impression that they do not want to be disturbed, leave them alone. Don’t scold strangers just because you are a team mystic and they are team prowess. Especially don’t think that someone is playing a game just because their head is stuck on the phone. Pokémon Go didn’t invent distracting pedestrians.

You should also be polite to those who are not playing the game. In particular, graveyards can be home to a variety of Poké Stops and Pokémon. They are open to passage and not as taboos as entering the police station, but you can still harass someone grieving there. Do not interrupt or disturb those who use the real place for its intended purpose. A little bit of politeness can go a long way.


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