Get More Fun Off Sunday by Making a Weekly Preparation First Thing in the Morning.

Taking some time on Sunday to organize the week ahead is a great way to get ahead. But Sunday should also be relaxing so that you are prepared for the hectic Monday morning. Here’s a way to get the best of both worlds.

If you usually wait until Sunday night to get everything ready for the week, Fast Company’s Stephanie Booth suggests you turn things over and do it first thing in the morning. Wake up and do your household chores, prepare next week’s meals, plan out your clothes, complete your schedule, and send out some quick emails. Now you will not have anything hanging over your head all day, and you can truly relax and unwind. You will avoid the dreaded “Sunday night blues” and call it an evening when you start to feel tired, not right after you finish some work. Best of all, you’ll be ready to take on the week.

Six Simple Sunday Habits To Prepare You For A Productive Week | Fast Company


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