Moment, an IPhone App That Tracks Your Usage, Now Shows You How Long You’re in Apps

iOS: We were fans of Moment when it launched a couple of years ago , but one problem with the app was that it could only track overall iPhone usage. Now you can really increase your user base with the new app tracker.

Moment still displays how much time you generally spend with your phone and where you use it, but it can now show you which apps you use the most. iOS doesn’t automatically allow access to this information, but Moment cleverly bypasses this by using a screenshot you manually take every morning and OCR. If you use your phone a lot, Moment will help you get data so you know what you are using and when. If you need help breaking your phone habit, Moment has in-app purchases that let you set up annoying notifications if you exceed your daily limit, or sign up for family monitoring. However, most of us might miss these additional features.

Moment (free) | ITunes App Store


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