How to Block All Messages About Pokémon Go

I love Pokémon Go , but I understand why all the news about it can be a little overwhelming if it’s not your cup of tea. Here are a couple of tools to get your head above the water if you’re drowning under a poke wave.

The most obvious solution is to stay away from the Internet and all social media, but it’s not that easy and you shouldn’t. Plus, it looks like the hype around Pokémon Go will last for quite some time. If you want to block as much of it as possible, a few Google Chrome plugins will help.

Pokémon Go Away by developer Inti De Ceukelaire will remove all mentions of pocket monsters from Facebook, Twitter or 9gag on every page load as soon as you turn it on. You can see it in action in the video above.

Pokemon NO! from developer Conor Brown , does something similar, but supposedly works on any web page. The main difference is that you have to press a button for it to activate and perform magic. This might be a good option for those who still love Pokémon Go but don’t want to read about it on certain sites or social media. You can see how this works in the video above.

With these tools, you won’t see any more Facebook posts about what people have caught or articles on how best to play this, including our own (and we have more on the way). So go ahead and read your favorite websites and social media in peace.


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