Add a Sunken Luscious Garden to an Inexpensive IKEA Table

The inexpensive IKEA LACK side table is easy to transform for a variety of useful projects. Here’s how you can add a beautiful sunken garden to one with a few accessories.

You can see a visual demo of the project in the video above, but if you can’t watch it, you will need an IKEA LACK side table, size of your choice, heavy plastic wrap, box cutter, iron, etc. a few other accessories that you probably have in your home (for example, a metal ruler and masking tape). You will also need garden supplies such as gravel, soil, and succulents that you want to plant.

In short, measure the shape of the garden with a ruler, then use a paper cutter to cut through the top layer of the table. Repeat until you have gone through the first few layers, then use plastic wrap to line the area you will be gardening. Tape the sheet, trim off any excess, then plant a little gravel underneath and soil on top, then press down on the plants. For more information, follow the link below.

Ikea Succulent Table Hack | Excellent (YouTube)


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