Simple Grip Adjustments Can Instantly Improve Your Deadlift Technique.

With an exercise like this and with as many moving parts as the deadlift, there is always something to improve. This video by Eric Cressy explains how grasp width can affect your ability to lift that weight.

One of the key components of the deadlift is making sure your lats (the large back muscles under the shoulder blades) are engaged properly. This will keep your body steady and strong enough so that the weight of the bar does not force your back to round (big prohibition no). Eric Cressy, who trains professional athletes at his Cressey Sports Performance plant, advises you to bring your hands as close to your hips as possible while making sure you end up grabbing the knurl (curved criss-cross) on the barbell. …

Too wide a grip lengthens your trajectory with the barbell, which in the jargon means you are not following the path of least resistance for your body. As a result, you are wasting energy and making the task more difficult than you should. On the other hand, a wide grip (as in thesnatch deadlift ) has its advantages for creating amazing grip and back strength, although I would not recommend it until you have mastered the regular deadlift.

Working Width for Conventional Deadlift Technique | Eric Cressy


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