Netflix Coming to Comcast X1 Later This Year

If you cannot defeat them, join them. It looks like this is what the now-former competitors Comcast and Netflix are stating in their announcement today that the streaming service will arrive on Comcast X1 consoles in the near future.

Comcast and Netflix have issued a statement to Recode confirming that they have reached an agreement and plan to include Netflix on the X1 cable platform . The deal is similar to deals that Netflix has with other, smaller cable TV providers in the US, where customers will be able to log into their Netflix accounts using a dedicated app and stream directly from the cable box. Comcast, which has long been at odds with Netflix , believes the deal will make customers happier by offering easy access to the service most people need. It’s also a way to prove that their X1 platform is more than a fancy cable box with a sleek interface. For Netflix, the deal is likely to attract more subscribers, which is what they want as subscriber growth stalled last year . Expect this service to be available on Comcast X1 consoles later this year. If you want to know more, please follow the link below.

Comcast Will Allow Customers To Get Netflix On Their Set Top Box (Very Important) | Recode


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